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EuroShop 2017 - John Nugent attends Euroshop 2017 in Dusseldorf as part of the
development of it's retail services business with it's new Total Cash Management Solution (TCM).
Dexapoint Group choose e-CFS to deliver closed loop ATM services for it's client utilising GRG H68N Recycling ATM's. The project will initially deploy ATM's in the UK market and then extend into the other Dexapoint markets.
Gloucester Credit Union add new modules to existing system as part of it's drive to expand services to members. Equifax and Automated Bank Processing modules are currently being implemented.
Press Release - Silicon News
Press Release  - Radio Announcement
Press Release - RTE News Website
Tuskys Supermarkets sign $1.4 million contract for rollout of e-Lodge Solution across 60 branch network.
Prime Bank (Kenya) signs contract for e-Lodge Solution for Kenya branch network.
Sidian Bank (Kenya) signs contract for e-Lodge Solution for 2 Rivers Mall in Nairobi, Kenya
Whitehaven & Egremount Credit Union upgrade to FOCUS+ Solution as part of it's strategic development plan.
City of Plymouth merge with Hope Credit Union - merger services provided by Conaccess
e-CFS/Conaccess attend Scottish League of Credit Unions autumn conference in Stirling.
Newcastle Moneywise Credit Union implement Online Membership & Loans Modules to improve services
Suffolk Credit Union implement automated Bank Processing solution to handle growth in credit union transaction volumes
Penny Post Credit Union implement Equifax Module for improved credit control facilities
e-CFS / Conaccess attend WOCCU Conference in Belfast
Gleniffer Credit Union purchase training services from Conaccess
Kingdom Credit Union upgrade website with new modern look from Conaccess
NEFirst Credit Union select Conaccess Online Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution
Prince Bishop Community Bank select Conacess to upgrade network & server hardware to support membership growth
e-CFS / Conaccess attend ACE Annual Conference
London Adventist Credit Union extend usage of Conaccess Cloud based services
Penny Post Credit Union extend use of Conaccess IVR Solution to support staff growth
Penny Post upgrade website services with introduction Online Membership & Online Loans
e-CFS attend UKCU Annual Conference in Blackpool
Whitecart Credit Union select Conaccess Bank Import solution to handle increased bank transfers in the credit union
Forres Credit Union select Conaccess FOCUS+ Solution for future development
Prince Bishop select e-Web Online Banking to extend web based services to growing membership
Salford Credit upgrade services with introduction of Online Membership and Online Loans services
Edensave Credit Union implement Equifax module for improved credit control services.
South Lakeland go live on FOCUS+ Solution from Conaccess
Darlington Credit Union upgrade to FOCUS+ Solution from Conaccess
Tees Credit Union upgrade to FOCUS+ Solution from Conaccess
Smarter Buys Stores select Conaccess Online Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution
Tuskys Supermarket chain select e-Lodge Solution for retail network in Kenya
Flame Savers Credit Union choose e-Web Online Banking Solution
London Adventist Credit Union chooose  e-Web Online Banking
Prison Service Credit Union selects e-Phone Online Banking Solution
Prince Bishop Community Bank establish new Store using BACUS Solution
London Adventist choose e-Scan solution for Document Scanning
Co-Operative Credit Union increase membership by 20% via Web
Post Office Credit Union enhance services with e-Web Online Banking
e-CFS / Conaccess attend ABCUL conference in Stratford
Prince Bishop Community Bank implement Online Backup Solution from e-CFS
Camelot Credit Union goes live with BACUS
Cadbury / Kraft extends service contracts with e-CFS Ltd 
HHH Credit Union open sub-office using e-Remote Solution solution from e-CFS
Penny Post Credit Union launchs Online 3rd Party Payments
Wolverhampton Credit Union selects e-Web Online Banking
Penny Post Credit Union install new server to support growth in Online Banking
Nottingham Credit Union go live with Online Transfers via e-Web Online Banking
HHH Credit Union upgrade to Thermal Printers for improved member services
Durham County Credit Union implement Online Backup Solution from e-CFS
Ulster Bank Ltd extends services contracts with e-CFS Ltd
Co-Operative Credit Union launches Online Membership service via e-Web Online Banking
Charleville Credit Union launches Transfers / Bill Payment and Mobile Phone Top Ups via e-Web Online Banking
Wolverhampton Credit Union upgrades printing for members implementing Thermal Receipt Printing
Durham County Credit Union upgrades BACUS system
Stevenage Credit Union implement Variable Interest rates for member loans
Bank of Ireland Ltd renews services contract with e-CFS
e-Channel Financial Systems acquires UK credit union supplier Conaccess Ltd
Durham County Credit Union implement Auto Bank Rec for bank accounts

Our Lady Crowned Credit Union goes live with e-Web Online Banking

Prison Service Credit Union upgrades e-Web Online Banking 
e-CFS establishes UK Office in Manchester
e-CFS attends UK Credit Union Annual Conference in Blackpool
Northern Oak Credit Union selects Conaccess FOCUS Solution
Durham County Credit Union  implement Variable Interest modules for members
Nottingham Credit Union selects e-Web Online Banking
e-CFS attends CUMA Conference in Athlone
e-CFS attends ILCU Conference in Limerick
e-CFS attends Northern Money Conference in Liverpool
e-CFS attends SIBOS in Hong Kong
Ballyphehane Credit Union goes LIVE with Web Account Transfers
Gurranabraher Credit Union install additional ATM in Knocknaheeny
Youghal Credit Union Selects e-ATM & e-Web Systems from e-CFS Ltd
Tralee Credit Union Selects e-ATM System from e-CFS Ltd
Killarney Credit Union Selects e-ATM & e-Web Systems from e-CFS Ltd
Desmond Credit Union Select e-Web System from e-CFS Ltd
Ballyphehane Credit Union Selects e-ATM & e-Web Systems from e-CFS Ltd
QUICKCASH ATM Network goes live in Clerys O’Connell Street
Ranelagh Credit Union selects e-Web System from e-CFS Ltd
Gweedore Credit Union select e-Web System from e-CFS Ltd
Sion Mills Credit Union select e-ATM System from e-CFS Ltd
Gurranabraher Credit Union selects e-Web System from e-CFS Ltd 

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