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BACUS - Back Office System

This is the simplest and a most user-friendly software product.               


  • Transactional entry uses batch control features to ensure the data is properly controlled before it is processed. Collections sheets (form1) Share withdrawals (form2) Loans issued (form 3 or 3A for DWP loans) Bankers orders (form5) Non member type transaction (form 4 and 6) Payroll inputs by printouts (Form8) and electronically (form9) are
  • All entries and fully integrated across the database without the need to run update programs.
  • All entries are tagged with full audit trails.


    Reports (which are command driven at any time you wish) include the following:

  • FSA quarterly returns
  • FSA annual returns
  • Income and Expenditure Accounts, Balance Sheets and Movements of Funds.
  • Bank Reconciliation

    Credit Control reports including:
  • Delinquent loans report including the statistics needed by the FSA
  • Last payments report and expected payments against actual payment
  • Loan completion dates based on current payment performance
  • Renegotiation of loan facilities
  • Full non-members ledger.
  • Trial Balance
  • Membership statistics (over 50 various reports available without the need for any set up knowledge)
  • Virtually all reports are exportable to other applications such as Excel and ASCII format.
  • Members account statements.
  • Label production
  • Members budget facilities
  • Multiple interest rate facility
  • Multiple share account facility
  • Links to Mitral document management system allowing documents and photographs to be linked with membership records (single user licence only)
  • Links to Microsoft word to produce chase letters or other letters.


    Other Features

  • Full manual supplied and help screens available.
  • Help desk always available with contact phone numbers to give a very high level of support - probably the best for the credit union industry.
  • Passwords object driven with 4 levels available.
  • Automatic calculation of dividends (on a daily rate basis) split between junior and senior.
  • Automatic interest on loan calculation (based on month end balances to keep it simple)
  • Command driven Interest Rebates and annual fees charged with exemptions for certain categories i.e. juniors.
  • Credit Union Budget Comparisons
  • Loan quotation facility with interest calculator feature.
  • Membership numbers limits up to 99,999
  • Members balance limits to 99,999.
  • Non members balance limits 99,9999,9999

    Interested in more information?

  • E9 Calmount Park, Ballymount, Dublin 12. 01-4298869.   info@e-cfs.net
    Oak Court, Clifton Court Business Park, Wynne Avenue, Clifton, Manchester M27 8FF, England. +44 (0) 8082349828.