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FOCUS - Front Office System

This is a front-end facility to the BACUS software. It changes the entry mode to be real time cashier till driven software. This enables prestigious passbooks to be computer produced. If you have a high street presence then this is the system you need to use as it gives a super professional image to your members

We use Olivetti PR2 plus passbook printersor Start Thermal Receipt Printers.

The member has a passbook that they bring into the office. The amount they pay on their shares and loan repayments is immediately entered on their passbook. Interest on loans is calculated at that time and shown separately on their passbook. Interest is based on a calculation of number of days since the last payment at the rate set for that loan.

Each cashier has a personal password and full reporting by cashier is available.

All the outputs mentioned in the BACUS section are available with additional ones to cover various aspects of managing cashiers and tills such as lists of passbooks issued.


Major Banks and Building Societies have on line cashiering facilities. All transactions are accompanied by a computer print out confirming the transaction that has taken place and this is normally done on a pass book or receipt.
One option popular in credit unions is passbooks, which are fed into a printing machine so as to, produce a log of the transaction, a running balance, and interest charged (on a loan) and dividend credited (on savings).

Passbooks which record member transactions are popular but some credit unions have chosen Thermal Receipts to provide member records.

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