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Consultancy Services
At e-CFS we believe that providing real service is critical to financial systems. Business success comes from focusing on service, generating processes to support that service, using technology to enable service and empowering people to deliver the service.


People, process and technology are essential ingredients for the service-oriented organisation. We recognise that the key factor in enabling and driving forward service through technology is people. e-CFS is a people oriented consultancy.


At the heart of working with people is communication. The reason why many technology projects fail is poor communication. We work top-down.


Working top-down involves analysing a project from the top. Once the project scope is defined, our consultants look at the issues from a high-level first. We then dive into successive levels of detail. The advantage of this approach is that it is holistic. Nothing gets missed out or forgotten. All relevant factors are taken into account.


Examples of our consultancy projects include:


Managing complex systems implementation projects in banks

Software Development in retail banking operations

SAP Upgrade Programme Management

ATM Operation Projects

Data Migration / Archiving


E9 Calmount Park, Ballymount, Dublin 12. 01-4298869.   info@e-cfs.net
Oak Court, Clifton Court Business Park, Wynne Avenue, Clifton, Manchester M27 8FF, England. +44 161 300 6500.